Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Extreme Date Fighter!

Hey there every body!

So last night we all met as the team and started going over whats next. Space Wings is 98.32% done (yeah, I made that number up) and just needs some bugs worked out. We might just release it in its current, pretty rough state, but the guys are so dedicated and hard working that they're still trying to get it to work perfect.

But aside from fixing Space Wings, we are finally getting around to finishing off Nordic Sol!

Surprisingly, one of the big things that has held us back was simply getting assets together and matching close enough, but to fix that and to add a bit of extra class, we're going with a pixel-style for the art.

To accomplish this, we're taking our existing assets and bringing converting them in our magic, patented process. (hint: it involves MS Paint!)

And after all of that, the guys are ready to jump into the next game! And the next HatJam! Thats right, we finish 2 games, we start 2! WOO! ...sorry, got all hyped up for a second...Yeah, the tentative plan at this point is take on another HatJam project with a more dedicated and realistic schedule of a month, and this time use our names in the hat. When someones name is drawn, they are the creative director this time. They will pitch us all 2 game ideas and everyone votes for the one they hate the least! From there, the programming team figures out which engine will be best suited for the game while the art team gets their asset list and start concepting. For each group, we'll have a lead and between the groups, we'll have a producer to keep the peace and help were they're needed.

I know, sounds a bit more organized than before, right?

For the slow project this time around, we'll be doing the crazy dating sim/fighting game hybrid that involves pillow fights, jiggle physics, and a healthy dose of humor. After talking it through with the team, we decided to add men to the roster. We did this for the ladies and gents that prefer gents over ladies. And it also lets us have a more rounded out roster and doesn't alienate anyone. Don't get the wrong idea, it'll still be slightly offensive, but more in a Leisure Suit Larry way than a BoneTown kind of way.

So yeah, sorry for the wall of text today, so take this humorous picture for your time!


Until next time,

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