Thursday, November 1, 2012

Keep an eye out for "Don't Starve"

Recently, I've been diving into PC gaming so very much more. (Guess that's what happens when you get a shiny new computer and have a little bit of free time...)  And being the aspiring game developer that I am, I search for fun, new, and exciting gaming experiences, especially from indie devs.

While lurking around the youtubes, I saw a tiny series by one content creator that never caught my eye before, that was until now...

A highly stylized game where you play a dapper gentlemen scientist who gets dropped off out in the wild, with nothing but your wits and the world around you to help you survive.

Being a fan of survival, crafting, rogue-likes, and unique art styles like myself, you are  bound to come across "Don't Starve" and you will; like me, will love this game.

Yeah, it's pretty fuckin' awesome.

I played the demo a couple of times on Chrome and I found myself eyeing the buy it button from their web-site and dipping into an excellent indie game induced haze. If it weren't for my ever diligent girlfriend asking me about paying my bills, I probably would have spent the low, low, low price of $8.99 that I just don't have on this amazing game.

Hell, lets be honest, I am going to buy the Early-Access of "Don't Starve" just as soon as she isn't looking...

"Don't Starve" is by Klei Entertainment. As far as I can tell, as of October (of this year, 2012) it is in Beta and only available in-browser. It will be a stand alone executable for it's full release. If you wish to purchase the game early, you get 2; count 'em 2 copies of the Early-Access Beta, a full copy of the game when released, regular content updates, you get to talk to the devs to help the game evolve, and a Steam activation code when its released over there. Which, as most awesome indie games, will end up on Steam. 

Find out more about the game and even enter the beta yourself at

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