Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Scribblenauts Unlimited" is coming...

So how many of us have; or at least had, a Nintendo DS?
From what I've read, quite a few of them were sold, so I gotta think someone who reads this has owned one. And for your sake, I hope you at least had a chance to try Scribblenauts, a fantastic game where you solve puzzles how ever you can by summoning in whatever you can think of by simply typing it out on your wee-tiny screen.

 I owned a DS for a little bit and Super Scribblenauts (the second in the series) was one of only a hand full of games I owned. When eventually selling my DS, I nearly kept Super Scribblenauts anyway! That's how good of a game it is!

The Scribblenaut games are pure magic, but they were held back slightly by limiting us, the players...

That is, until now...

As I get a little older and transition into becoming a PC gamer, I got super-freakin' excited when I found out that Scribblenauts Unlimited is gonna be on Steam! That's right mah-fukkas! AND IT'S IN HD!

Yeah, you're looking forward to it now, aren't ya'?
What's that?! You think this is a kids game!?!
AH-HELL-NAW! This right here is an awe-inspiring game made to gently awaken the child like wonder and whimsy that resides in all of us, you stupid ass-hole! You will love this sweet chunk of creative innocents, damn-it!

Need more reasons to love this game? Okay, here we go!
  • Unbound World: An open universe environment that opens up unlimited hours of game play! You can literally play it forever!
  • Object Creator: You can make unique objects with unique properties and share them with friends online! Or give them to sworn enemies to ruin their lives!
  • Object Library: Store previous items and custom creations in a magic backpack for use later. Like stashing a magic wand in yer pack to smote some dudes!
  • Multiplayer: Fuck yeah! (on the Nintendo stuff)
  • Merit Board: Where each world has hints stored for whiners who can't handle this! Yeah, I said it. What're you gonna do about it?
  • HD: Did I tell you it's in HD? Oh, well I guess you weren't listening, cause yeah it's in HD.

Now that you know you want this game, you should probably know when you're life will be blissfully and ever consumed by the fiery nova of bad-ass-ness that Scribblenauts Unlimited will pound into your succulent face holes.
November 20th.
For $29.99 plus tax.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is Developed by 5th Cell Media LLC.
SCRIBBLENAUTS and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Until next time,
(Did I go a little too far this time?)


  1. Multiplayer is only for Wii.

  2. Thanks for the clarification!
    Post has been updated!