Sunday, January 27, 2013

BROFORCE! - A game you want; trust me.

Think of a video game that lets you run around and be violent as all heck as your favorite action movie stars?
Can't think of one, can ya'? Well do I have a surprise for you!

Watch this!

Running around, blowing up enemies and raze the environment in BROFORCE! 
It's described as "A ridiculously violent platform game about being awesome action heroes from the 80s and 90s while slaying satanic terrorists and aliens while unraveling an evil plot to destroy the planet while dealing with being awesome action heroes from the 80s and 90s." 

This game is be Free Lives Games and is currently pretty fucking awesome even in its "brototype" phase!
Which you can download and play right here! BROFORCE BROTOTYPE!

There is only one problem; the game needs more lovin' from the community so that everyone can enjoy its majesty! How do you give it more lovin's you ask? Go to Steam Greenlight and let them know you want this bad mam'a-jam'a! 

I may just be stating the obvious here, but if you don't love this game and want it so bad it makes you wheep a single manly tear, than you don't love video games.

Yeah, I went there.
And you should go here. Vote for BROFORCE!.

Until next time,
I'll be showing off more of my low-poly models soon. I'm just lazy about taking screen shots. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay, seriously this time, I'm back!

Ah snap yo! I'm back!

Some of you may have missed me oodles and all that, but I had a good reason to be AWOL.
Okay, so its not a good reason. I've been busy playing Team Fortress 2, modelling 3D things, drawin' things that may or may not offend people, and doing the whole "college" and "work" thing. Well, college is pretty important and so is Team Fortress 2...and I guess I need to do the 3D model making thing for our game Umbra, but I shouldn't have left you guys alone and unsupervised for so long!
Looks like he's having fun, huh?
Just so's you know, I'll be back later this week (maybe the weekend) to add more of my 3D work as well as maybe a tutorial or somethin'.

Until next time,
Does that kid I drew look like a child version of George Lucas to anyone besides me?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So, I'm a huge fan of indie games, pixels, and explosions. Actually, I'm a huge fan of a buncha stuff.

But when I first laid eyes on a screen shot of this freakin' game, I needed to know more.

The game is "Super TIME Force!" by Capybara Games, makers of Super Brothers: Swords and Sworcery EP and Critter Crunch.

So far, all I know about this metric ton of bad-ass is that it's coming out on the XBox Live Arcade in 2013 and that it looks freakin' awesome! Considering Capybara Games history with releasing titles across many platforms and making fans super-freaking happy, I'm thinking we should see Super TIME Force also coming to PC either with the XBLA release or soon after!

I'm all giddy for this one; for realsy this time!

Until next time,