Monday, February 4, 2013

Fisticuff Gentleman - Teaser

Hey there!

So I've been relatively absent from my blog for a bit and as some of you may not know, I love to make video games. And for the last couple of weeks (maybe even months), I've been working on prototypes and little things that make me giggle like an idiot. These things take time to build, ya' know.

One project that I'm lovin' that I literally just started working on was inspired by a little joke in a conversation I was having with a buddy of mine. I call it "Fisticuff Gentleman"!
watermarks aren't part of final design
pretty damn dapper though, right?
"Fisticuff Gentleman" is an old-school beat-em-up/fighting game where your play this dapper chap (see above) and you must protect a young woman's honor by hurling eloquent insults and bone-crushing fists into the faces of your opponents!

I'm making "Fisticuff Gentleman" in the Construct 2 engine since it's a great tool for non-programmers and programmers alike!

I'll be releasing the first level as a stand-alone executable as soon as it's done and if enough people like it, I'll keep going and eventually release it on Android devices and as a complete stand-alone for PC.

I'll update again later this week with a screen-shot of the gentleman in action!

Until next time,
If you want me to work on a game with you, let me know in the comments! 

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