Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fisticuff Gentleman - Update!

Hey there!

So you know how I kinda announced a little project called "Fisticuff Gentleman" that I had just started working on about 2 days ago? Well here is the first update!

Like an 8-bit Downton Abbey, huh?

There you go! I have a scene set up to help establish the art style and scale of the game. I decided to create an artificial letter-box as well as using speech cards for dialog in order to help re-enforce the old-time aesthetic. The other thought I had was to apply a film grain over the entire game when it's complete, but that sits in the realm commonly referred to as feature creep. That's what happens when features that sound cool might need to be cut in order to meet deadlines, ie if the feature will take 1 week to implement but you only have 3 days to finish, that feature will be cut due to creep.

Oh and I figured out what I'm going to do with this game! So I originally called it a beat-em-up/fighter, but I think I'm going to change it up a little and make it into an interactive story/fighting game and save the beat-em-up version for a possible sequel with multiplayer. But for now, here's my little check list for development!

  • Fully implement main character animations
  • Get melee system to work properly
  • Implement health system
  • Create and add enemy sprite and animations
  • Create and add Lady animations (sprite done)
  • Create speech cards for in-game dialog (story WIP)
  • Get someone to make me some old-timey music to rock out to while punching faces
  • Test level out (Note: Must be fun! If not, start over.)
  • Share with world!
As you can tell, I'm not that organized, but I get stuff done!
Check back in a couple days and I'll probably have more of the game to show you!

Until next time,
Who knew making a game all by myself would be so much fun? Well, fun for me...

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