Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super Happy Monster Dance Party - Another Update!

Since I know you're all as excited for this game as we are to make it, I'm gonna give you a little insider info on whats happening in "SUPER HAPPY MONSTER DANCE PARTY"'s development!

Jake Vermillion, who I think is some kind of machine, has been hard at work creating cool new features for the game, including a wicked sick scoring system, multiple difficulty level, and there is rumor of an infinite-mode(!) that lets all of you good folks play for as long as you can! Now that's some serious added value right there!

David Fuson, the artist on this project, has made 5 kinda unique monsters and has started work on 5 really unique monsters, including what will be the games super scary and super secret end boss!

Corey Farmer, our musical maestro, is composing a crazy cool party sound track that any monster can groove to! We're gonna have fist pumping and foot jumping songs that'll make you love destruction!

Dan Langford, the announcer in our game brings a dry yet hilarious humor to the scoring system with witty commentary and unorthodox encouragement to the player!

Me, I'm that one guy! I don't do much here accept organize, advertise, encourage, and help where ever I can! Think of the rest of the group as a giant rocket powered death machine careening towards it's goal. I'm taking the role of the guidance system, that's all this time around.

Alright, enough talky talky; CONCEPT TIME!


Now back to talking...

This game will be a Pixel Jargon production and be released on Android devices first, followed by whatever you guys want it on next, so just let us know and we'll try our best!

I'll be updating you all with more for this game and for "Fisticuff Gentleman" as we work on things so stay tuned!

Until next time,
Woot! Makin' Games!

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