Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Happy Monster Dance Party - Update!

Ah snap son! My fellow team members/colleagues/co-creators/friends work crazy fast!

So I just came up with the idea for "Super Happy Monster Dance Party!" Friday afternoon, I shared the idea with my friends when I saw them around 6pm that evening, and by 8pm Jake Vermilion (Programming Lead)  already built up the engine, David Fuson (Art Lead and Character Designer) has already pounded through a huge chunk of the art, and Corey Farmer (Composer and Music Lead) has already started working on concepts for the music!
What we have invested so far is what? Maybe 4 hours?! And we'll have a working prototype with some final art already in by about Tuesday?! Great googly-moogly am I impressed with my friends!

Below is a little more of a teaser of the characters!

So would you look at that? Those big gooey beasties are a thing of beauty! And

If we keep up at this pace and don't hit any major problems, we might have this fun little game on the Android marketplace in under a month!

Stay tuned for more updates on game projects, reviews, and hidden gems from the indie world!

Until next time,
Gosh dern, I love game development!


  1. Hey there!

    I sent you a fleshed out proof of concept for the engine on Facebook. Let me know what you think

    1. I think it's freaking awesome!
      You guys are rocking things out so fast that I barely know what to write for updates!
      All you guys are insanely cool!