Sunday, April 21, 2013

Super Monster Dance Party! -Woo!

Hey there!

So Super Monster Dance Party is going to be released at the end of this month (April 2013) to the Android market! Woo!

But you might be asking, "Dave, wtf have you been doing to keep yourself busy enough to ignore us on the interwebs?" Well, I'll tell you! Not only have I been working on Super Monster Dance Party, I'm also finishing up finals for my education, which is basically finishing up a fairly polished proof of concept in UDK, as well as an educational simulation game where the play must save the ancient, lost city of Atlantis!

Then, I've also been filling my time with working on getting my groups game company, Pixel Jargon up and running! (Not as easy as it sounds...) And after all that, I've been able to squeeze in at least a couple hours to play games and start a couple new projects that (hopefully) will be seeing releases before the end of summer.

In the next couple days, I let you guys in on a couple of super secret game projects as well as some more 3D models of mine and maybe a quick but useful tutorial I've been writing.

But for now, enjoy this sketch of me being frustrated that my tablet is all broken and stuff...

Keyboard and mouse for digital art? It happens to us all at one point.

Until next time,
(Seriously, I need a new tablet and quickly...)

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