Thursday, December 17, 2015

Games Updates - Dec 2015

Oh wow, it has been a while since I updated, huh?

So lets see, what have I been working on this fine year?

Joe and I were contracted to do the art on a game, "Spellblast" which will hopefully go into Steam Early Access here soon. It's a hybrid edutainment/SHMUP game where players fight off gruesome aliens while collection letters and forming words to progress. Pretty interesting concept and its been hectic making the art, but it's been a blast!

The player fights the majestic space norwhalicorn in Spellblast
Ont top of that, we've been chipping away at a few projects in our spare time including "Root Canal" and "Wreckin' Ball".

"Root Canal" is nearly completed and will be an in-browser game for all to enjoy for free. Gameplay, it's similar to games like "Flappy Bird" and "Jetpack Joyride" and can be played with a single button. Hopefully once I get less-lazy, I'll finish it off and upload it to a few online arcades and maybe Facebook. Check back every so often and I'll be sure to let you know where you can play it when it's live.

Here we see the dentist using a water-pick

And then "Wreckin' Ball" is a basic sports game that is in very early pre-alpha (ie. not really feature complete playable yet, but we got somethin'). It'll be a multiplayer focused, 2.5D, violent, quick/casual game that has the potential for more competitive play-styles that we're sure will be a hit with players.
While I don't have a screenshot I'm willing to share at this time, I'll give you all a small taste in the form of a concept...


But yeah, that's whats in the works that I can share. "Corruption Kings" is still being worked on, but its taken a back-seat to other, more beneficial projects that came up. 
All in all, we've got a few games in the air at any given time.

I'll update more when we've got more to share.

Until next time,