Sunday, February 7, 2016

My February 2016 Challenge of the Month Submission Process

Its that time again boys and girls for another submission to Jazza's Challenge of the Month!

This time around, we're celebrating love and to a lesser extent, mental health; which as anyone whose been in love can attest, go hand in hand or at the very least, have some correlation.

The subjects of this months challenge are Marvel's Deadpool and DC's Harley Quinn; both 'unstable' personalities that have been on both sides of good and evil. Now we find them breaking lines and finding love in each other.

Okay, enough fluff; here's my process for this months submission!

This time around, I decided to take a little more time to complete my piece and I think it turned out pretty well. I was going for more of a 'Boris Vallejo' kinda vibe and though I used more of a line-art/comic book style, I think the influences can be seen.

Here's a nifty animated gif showing my process! Woot!

Check out the full-size piece over on Newgrounds. Seriously, its pretty cool.

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