Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay, seriously this time, I'm back!

Ah snap yo! I'm back!

Some of you may have missed me oodles and all that, but I had a good reason to be AWOL.
Okay, so its not a good reason. I've been busy playing Team Fortress 2, modelling 3D things, drawin' things that may or may not offend people, and doing the whole "college" and "work" thing. Well, college is pretty important and so is Team Fortress 2...and I guess I need to do the 3D model making thing for our game Umbra, but I shouldn't have left you guys alone and unsupervised for so long!
Looks like he's having fun, huh?
Just so's you know, I'll be back later this week (maybe the weekend) to add more of my 3D work as well as maybe a tutorial or somethin'.

Until next time,
Does that kid I drew look like a child version of George Lucas to anyone besides me?

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