Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blog Update - The Revengening...

Hey internet!

So in case you didn't know, I just finished getting an expensive, little piece of paper that says I know how to do what I do.

That's right, I finally got my bachelors degree and now it's time for me to either continue perusing indie games with my fellow classmates and look for work with some other folks.

Woo! Book learnin'!

From big, booming studios with tons of people all the way to small, 2 or 3 person projects, I'm going to try to do whatever I can in order to make my dream a reality. (Granted, I still need a day job unless one of you fine people wants to pay me to concept, make character models, texture, design, voice act; you know, whatever...)

So yeah, if you or someone you know needs a guy like me on a project, let them know I'm willing to take on whatever I can!

Got an idea for a game?! BOOM! Concepts and art and models all over the place!
Now with more beards!

Got a game idea that is... shall we say, less accepted by the social norm? BOOM! I'll help with that, too! Whose going to stop me!? You? (Well you'll be able to stop me from working on your project, I'll give you that...)
Bethesda, gimme a call and we'll make this...
Anyway, now that I ranted for a bit, I'm gonna say sorry for not writing a blog post sooner. I've been nearly busy the last few weeks buttoning up some projects, looking for non-game-related work, watching pre-rendered footage being called game-play during E3 coverage online, and the whole graduating thing.

Don't worry, more oddly comforting doodles in MS Paint are coming this way soon! Woot.

Until next time,
(Soon will be tomorrow by the way...)


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