Friday, March 29, 2013

"Been a while, huh?" UPDATE!

Sorry that it's been a lil' bit since I made a post.
Things have been freakin' nutty!

For one, I'm not an intern anymore. It was a fun place to visit, but it wasn't my passion in life, so we parted ways.
Very next day, I started a gig working at a design studio and first week in, we shot a feature film, so I was a lil' busy with that for a bit. I was a "Boom Operator".

Woulda been fun to blow stuff up though...
We spent hours out in the pretty much testicle freezing cold of the early mornings prepping scenes and finding angles. As for me, I held a mic above my head like a highly trained, over-educated ape.

Artist titles this "Dave as Boom Operator"

And that was all well and good. We spent only a single week of 12 hour days getting this film shot in various pretty places from our area. It was a lot of work, but fun.

Then the weekend hit and my immune system decided to slap me around like a lil bitch.

I've been pretty damn sick for about a week now, so I've been spending my time working on everything and anything I can think of while doped up on dayquil or its generic equivalent.

I'll commence dumping of all that crap as I feel like it or am less drugged, but in the mean time, I'll update you on Super Monster Dance Party!

We have a tentative release day we're shooting for! We'll be releasing the beast by April 30th! Of THIS YEAR! (fingers crossed) OR NOT! It all really depends when we can get it done. But we gotta get it out.

There have been some revisions made and we're having to redo some of the graphics, but that aside, the game freaking works and is a hoot to play.

After that, we jump head first into reworking Nordic Sol, the game of looting, platforming, stacking, and pure, unbridled humor. Along side Nordic Sol, we have a fun little fire-fighting time waster that we plan on release by the end of July on various platforms including mobile and PC. After that, we have a super secret game in the works that will have fans of the genre salivating. It'll hopefully be done by fall so all you kids can play it with your new school yard friends.

Here's a hint: This game is like one that many 20-somethings have gone freaking nuts over for years.

In all seriousness, the secret game will be fucking incredible so keep checking back here so you can stay in the loop. We're gonna be selling our games I think from here on out, so we might do little give-away promotions on our various blogs or our site when it goes live and I'm looking into getting some other swag going to give and share with you fine folk of the interwebs. how did I end this again?

Until next time,
(I'm gonna go take a nap)

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