Friday, February 8, 2013

Super Happy Monster Dance Party! - A giant monster rhythm game!

Oh wowsers...

I knew that I had a passion for game development, but now I think it might be an addiction to me...

While working on "Fisticuff Gentleman" (my awesome game of Victorian insults and face-punching), I took a little break from doin' stuff and accidentally started another game all by my lonesome that is rather quite awesome.

While some might not consider this too big of a problem, this will be the 4th game I'm actively working on at the moment and if I'm including some of my friends games that needed to be placed on hold, we're looking at a solid 7 game projects.(!) For this project though, there are 2 people I'm going to harass until they help me make it so it can be published and share it with folks and maybe get some money to help make even more games!

But that's not the point of this post. Really I wanted you all to see the early mock-up/concept I've made and share this little beast of a game with the world!

Looks like he's having fun!
"Super Happy Monster Dance Party" will be a simple one button rhythm game for mobile devices where the player must touch the screen in time with an indicator in the center of the monster or screen or where ever. As the player does better, the monster will dance more enthusiastically and more destruction and chaos will ensue! The city will crumble and armies will assemble as our monstrous buddy boogies down!

Anyway, I hope you out there on the interwebs likes this idea, because its gonna get made, yo!

Until next time,
Seriously, game development is my addiction. I think I need someone to help support my habit lol.

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