Monday, February 25, 2013

Super Happy Monster Dance Party - Update...Again!

So I know you're all eagerly anticipating our latest little game SUPER HAPPY MONSTER DANCE PARTY!, but I am here to inform you that you might never play that game...because we changed the name to SUPER MONSTER DANCE PARTY!
Just seemed easier to say, don'tcha think? Comment below on what you think of the name change. Heck, if you all think it should go back, it will. :)

Aside from that, we're well on our way to getting this bad mam-ma jam-ma done!
David Fuson has been hard at work putting out pixel art left and right to make the game, Jake Vermillion has gotten nearly all the features working (as in you can play the game right now, just without graphics!), Corey Farmer is hard at work composing music and Dan Langford is doin' some supplemental sounds and stuff for the game. We also have Ben Mjedle helping us out as an "on-call" creator of art assets if we need him.

This weekend, I've been finishing off some of the sprite animations in Construct 2, but I've mostly been hacking my lungs out with a horrible cold. Like a metric ton of phlegm coming from all the holes in my face, but the game must go on!

Until next time,

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