Monday, September 24, 2012

Astronaut Model - Sculpt & Low Poly

Ah snap, yo!

Here is a model I did about 3-6 months ago to be added to our Umbra game as a little hidden easter egg.

On the right, the low-poly version that I created in 3DsMax (370 poly) before bringing it into ZBrush and sculpting. This was my first attempt at using ZBrush for a character. I tried using my tablet, but over the years, it's grown weary in it's old age, so I ended up using my mouse. I know, it shows, right?

I'm glad you'll only see him from a distance in the game, since taking a look at him again after so long I realize my first sculpt is obviously going to be my worst!

Let me know what you think.

And sorry for the lack of updates! I'm still trying to recover content from my bricked out computer...


  1. I like the low poly one. How many triangles is that one?

    1. Thanks! It's some of my earlier work in 3D, so it's kinda high at 512tri. I've since moved over to creating more 2D work as I'm more confident creating games solo in that environment, but with some of my current, in-dev projects, I've been getting back to 3D.