Friday, September 21, 2012

Monster Paw - 3D HTML5 Game Engine

I was poking around the game development communities today and found something pretty dang spiffy.

That's right; in a browser!

HOLY POOP! This little demo is pretty damn sweet! Until now, HTML5 games have focused only 2D (as far as I can tell) and this opens a new level of WOOPASS for developers to play with!

The Monster Paw engine is being developed by The Virtual Laboratory and is written in JavaScript and uses HTML5 and modern browsers to create real-time interactive 3D.

It ain't perfect just yet, but it's still in its alpha, so plenty more development is planned, which will expand on this already impressive engine IMHO.

If you haven't clicked on the links just yet, go and it some love!

Until next time!
(Ps. 3D models and art are taking some time to get out to the world since my home work station crapped out on me. Sorry everyone, I'm working on it!)

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