Monday, September 10, 2012

Umbra Concept Art: Boor - 10Sept2012

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Being re-invigorated to work on this blog, I figured I would update with some of the concept art that I have done for a game I'm working on. This stuff is nearly 6 months old at this point, so please bear that in mind.

The monster below is called the Boor. He's an 8ft tall beast that lives in a mysterious plane of existence that is deep inside of a black hole. When he spots his prey, he marches up to it with a ferocious determination and wails away with his clawed arm. This kind of brute-force and arrogant attitude comes from being near the top of the food chain for eons. They know nothing of fear or pain.

Boor v1.0
Boor v2.0
 Boor v3.0 

Some background on the game project; Umbra.

As students of game design/development, my class needed a project to work on.
One of the students came up with an idea that resonated with us all as something that could be interesting and we all helped develop it into an idea we could get behind.

That idea became Umbra.

Umbra is a game where you play as a star that has taken the form of a scantily clad woman named Sola. She has entered a black hole in order to fight off the ancient evil race that resides inside that swallow up her kind and imprision them, taking their energy and killing the other stars.

The game is a 3rd person shooter/platformer being developed for PC using UDK and it's currently in early alpha.

As for the Boor itself, it is designed to be humanistic in profile and have a recognizable silhouette from a distance. The fact that they have featureless faces helps to create more mystery to their motives and the asymmetrical design is a subtle way of giving them a natural "S" curve that the human eye finds appealing and interesting to look at while at the same time giving the viewer the impression that the Boor is flawed; not in design, but in nature.

I'll be updating later with the model that is created by Joe.

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