Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AntiAliasing in UDK

Those of us that were raised with 386 IBM-compatible computers and Atari 2600 systems to introduce us to gaming have a bit of a soft spot for pixels. To me, the wonderful moving squares gives me a warm feeling in my guts.

Once I get past the fear that I have contracted some as-of-yet discovered terminal belly-button disease, I start to enjoy the feeling. I reminise about playing pixelated warriors flying ostragages over pits of lava. I remember being a teenager controlling rough edged, ninja assassins climbing single-poly walls to eliminate a Japanese lord in the early Edo period. And I smile about the times when I was a deadly wizard that "NEEDS FOOD BADLY" while fighting endless hordes of blood thirsty enemies with my friends for days. No,  literally days at a time.

One thing these games have in common are pixels. Be they on the polygons edge from the weak hardware or the character themselves being built out of multi-colored dots on the screen. Now pixels don't make a game great, but oddly enough, by making the edges harder, it softens the hearts of us old gamers.

So why am I bringing this up in my personal blog? Well because it's a style I've been trying to figure out to squeeze into our untitled HatJam game.

And I finally found someone who has done it, and they've made a tutorial!

This tutorial was made by VoxHouseStudio. Check out their YouTube page!

Now you may be asking, "But Dave, you've said you don't like retro to be retro, what gives?"

Well, I don't think this post-process would be out of place. The game we are making harken back to when games were more simple. The Contra's, Castlevania's, and Metal Slug's of the gaming world that had great game play and decent enough graphics to make you smile.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed VoxHouseStudio's video and for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for the linkup to my channel and video. Nice blog. Cheers!